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Beauty resides in time

Just outside downtown Shanghai, an ancient camphor forest sets the scene for Aman's fourth destination in China: Amanyangyun.

Meaning ‘nourishing cloud’, yangyun is a reference to expanding the ‘cloud’ of the mind with knowledge – a philosophy borne by the story of the ancient trees and dwellings at Amanyangyun’s heart. This introspective retreat belies a remarkable tale of a forest transported, and a history preserved.

Saved from demolition, these Ming- and Qing-dynasty dwellings have been reassembled, brick by ancient brick, to create peaceful, refined spaces. Light-filled with forest views, interiors are finished in wood, stone and bamboo.

Amanyangyun’s camphor forest – parts of which date back a millennium – has a remarkable history. Rescued, then relocated 700km from Jiangxi to Shanghai, thousands of sacred trees, famed for their calming scent, now flourish in their new home.

Beauty resides in time 1

Set amid trees and lakes, Amanyangyun is a seminal Shanghai destination – ideal for city escapes, wellness retreats or Aman Journeys exploring the best of China. Peaceful and serene, it lies close to Shanghai culture, shopping and sights.

A fusion of comfort, beauty and tradition, the light-filled Club Suites and Antique Villas embrace simple, clean lines. Local materials and textures harmonise with the lush scenery glimpsed through lattice screens, which in turn dapple the light within.

Embracing a restful, earthy palette, Amanyangyun’s 24 Club Suites and 13 Antique Villas feature tranquil courtyards. Reservations are not yet open, but you can be first on the waiting list, just contact them here.

Beauty resides in time 2

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