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Bring your skin back to life with a moisturising Hydra Touch Facial

Here’s the ideal solution to dull, tired, dehydrated skin.

If you’ve got a big event coming up and want to look your best, a facial is a good way to go, but you have to choose wisely. Anything that’s too heavy on extractions or involves an abrasive peel or exfoliation can leave you looking blotchy. Skin Renewal’s new Hydra Touch facial, however, is a non-invasive and cutting-edge treatment that will leave you looking radiant and refreshed. It’s the ideal solution to dull, tired, dehydrated skin as well as incredibly pampering.

A mega-dose of moisture

The Hydra Touch facial is suited to any skin type and any age. It targets a long list of concerns that include fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness, mild sagging, dehydration, age spots, enlarged and blocked pores and even breakout. To begin, your therapist will gently exfoliate your skin using the Hydra Touch’s innovative hydro-dermabrasion tip. Unlike microdermabrasion that relies on medical-grade crystals to exfoliate, a hydro-dermabrasion session involves using a gentle jetstream of water to buff away the dead, dry skin cells that dull your natural radiance.

Next, you’ll get to enjoy a very gentle peel using a low strength yet effect AHA or BHA acid that will leave you glowing, not flaking or red. Before they do the Transderm they do the faradic treatment – this works on the facial muscles and are focussed on areas that are sagging. After that, it’s time to plump up your skin with an incredibly moisturising transdermal mesotherapy session. This involves using a state of the art electroporation device. It uses electrical pulses (not electric shocks) to gently and painlessly deliver a hydrating serum into the deeper layers of your skin. This way, we can plump up your skin from the inside out and ensure you retain your newfound moisture for longer.

To finish up, your therapist will allow you to relax in a hydrating mask. However, if you opt for the premium version of the facial, you’ll be treated to an additional moisture infusion with hyaluronic acid followed by a skin-firming alginate mask.

Pampering yet perfecting

The great thing about a Hydra Touch facial is that the effects are immediate. The moment you leave their offices, you’ll be enjoying soft, supple, beautifully hydrated skin. While just one session is all you need to get your glow on, you’ll see the best results from several, so we recommend a series of four to six treatments.

This post was sponsored by Skin Renewal. Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash

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