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Acqua di Parma

For more than a century Acqua di Parma has been creating fragrances that epitomise Italian elegance and luxury

Acqua di Parma Ambra continues the tradition – the scent is unmistakably sophisticated, the citrus notes of Colonia blend with the deep sensuality of Ambergris, an ancient essence that is extremely precious. This rare commodity, created naturally by marine mammals, is crafted by the oceanic elements, taking up to 20 years to reach the shore where it presents in a crystal form. It is highly prized for its therapeutic and aphrodisiac qualities, but in perfumery, its salty, musky, earthy notes are sought out as seductive and intense components of the most exquisite fragrances. The zesty citrus top notes of orange and bergamot evolve into a warm heart with cedarwood, rose and patchouli. Sublimated by the perfect harmony of Ambergris with sandalwood, warmed by the soft accents of vanilla, this new Eau de Cologne Concentrée reveals its unique personality in base notes of inimitable elegance and refinement. Other lines in the Signature Collection are Vaniglia, Oud, Quercia and Sandalo.

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