Dolce&Gabbana’s new Light Blue Eau Intense

Divinely scented and crafted by specialists, Light Blue Eau Intense encapsulates one of the most powerful and romantic love stories ever experienced…

Dolce&Gabbana’s new perfume is like a bottle of divine magic, complete with a genie who knows exactly how to reveal your most deeply hidden desires. The aromatic fragrance emulates both sensual and sexual tension bringing out the lover in every man and woman.

These fresh exquisite scents can’t help but capture one’s attention, as we can clearly see through David Gandy and Bianca Balti’s romance, he dives right down to her from the Faraglioni in Capri! Now granted they’re an attractive duo, but there is also the Light Blue Eau Intense force that pulls them together like magnets.

On this note, we were curious to see what the couple thought it was like to be back again and filming together with Mario Testino. So, exclusively for our article, the pair commented saying:

Bianca Balti: I was like… how is Mario going to surprise us this time? It’s always a surprise with him, really!

David Gandy: Also, how do you improve on what you’ve done earlier, which has turned into an iconic image, an iconic picture. But as it says in the fragrance its “intenso”, and I think that it is, it is more intense.

Bianca Balti: Yeah, it is definitely more intense- our relationship is more intense in the commercial and I think you could say that this is like a chapter number 2!

We definitely don’t disagree that their relationship is more intense… their fierce looks of love has everyone wanting a relationship like their own. That is the magic of Light Blue Eau Intense… it is much more than a scent, it is the aura of Mediterranean beauty and the essence of love, captured in a cool frosted glass bottle.

Crisp, cool and concentrated, Light Blue Eau Intense is the kind of fragrance that is made to be worn casually, to give you that extra touch of sensuality or, it could be worn to compliment your best summer outfit. Either way, its sensual escapism makes everyone attracted to the scent, and it also makes everyone want to have the beautiful chemistry between Bianca Balti and David Gandy.