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Timeless timber in Dunhill’s Icon Absolute fragrance

Despite a rising trend in throwaway fashion, the iconic new scent from Dunhill embodies classic male style and enduring British elegance.

Picture the man: Resting in a leather armchair, pristine in a perfectly tailored suit, he casually sprouts aphorisms with a twinkling sense of ineffable charm. His scent? A legend in the making, where world-class talent and rare ingredients meet to create something wholly unique.

A second imagining of the luxury goods brand’s Icon, Dunhill Icon Absolute by world-renowned Moroccan perfumer Carlos Benaim’s is the fashion house’s first Oud. Steadily rising in popularity in the western world (although a long tradition in the Middle East), the scent of oud is derived from the resin-embedded heartwood of the tropical agar tree. Sourced from south-east Asia, India and Bangladesh, agarwood is said to be the most expensive timber in the world, and indeed one of the most expensive of all natural raw ingredients.

Not an understated scent for the faint-hearted, Dunhill Icon Absolute opens with Sicilian bergamot and the familiar spicy notes of black pepper, which gives way to a delightfully soothing trio of citrus, wood, and floral elements. A touch of cardamom helps complete the introduction and brings the first act together with fragrant aplomb. The heart presents surprising hints of rich and earthy saffron combined with the velvety opulence of black rose and Egyptian jasmine. Rare and smoky burning oud provides a parting note. Combined with the sensual facets of tobacco leaves and Tuscan leather, the scent trails with a warm aura of bittersweet woodiness.

Without deviating from Dunhill’s position as a class leader in British men’s fashion, creative director John Ray has brought a renewed sense of creativity to the London luxury house. In an ongoing mission to define the British gentleman, Ray’s vision has allowed the brand to do battle in the cutthroat world of men’s fashion.

South Africa has its own part to play in this global story, with Cape Town-born, award-winning designer Mark Eisen the brains behind the beautiful bottle design. His glass collections are considered to be his most exciting works yet, luxurious embodiments of his sophisticated and modern signature. An icon in aesthetics as it is in scent, Dunhill Icon Absolute crafts the ideal of a modern man.

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