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Eden Island – a utopia within a utopia

Eden Island’s Eden Bleu Hotel redefines the word ‘luxury’

It hits you with that first flood of tropical air against your skin as you step off the plane, warm as intimately whispered words, a mingling of ocean spray and, somewhere in there, a promise of an escape from what is real life. While the Indian Ocean archipelago of the Seychelles is barely the stuff of a Defoe novel, the fantasy of the desert island is an enduring one – invariably coming with the question, ‘What would you take with you?’

The answer might be ‘very little’ – if it were the romanticised Crusoe kind of setup. Eden Island, however, is the contemporary reality, and may look the part when it comes to typical tropical assets but plays rather a different role.

Eden Island is a residential and commercial marina development 100m off the coast of the capital island Mahé. Set over 56ha, with more than 16ha of private waterways and 578 freehold luxury apartments, maisons and villas, it remains connected to the main economic and tourist hub of the Seychelles. While this bridge to the mainland means that residents and tourists staying here are still able to enjoy everything Mahé has to offer – pristine beaches, some of the planet’s most diverse flora and fauna, and the energy of the country’s capital, Victoria – it’s the establishment of another connection that makes Eden Island so attractive – the connection to your real-world needs. The brainchild of property developer Craig Heeger, Eden Island is a utopia within a utopia, an all-encompassing R5 billion project that, between the recreational centres, hotels, restaurants, shopping plaza and more, takes the guest’s every whim into consideration.

One of Eden Island’s new additions is one that best embodies the development’s ethos: Eden Bleu Hotel. It’s a space that bucks the tried-and-tested trend of the tropical resort and instead presents what may initially seem like some startling juxtapositions. Yes, it has the palm trees, sun deck and rim-flow pool overlooking the international marina. Yes, it has elegantly furnished rooms, world-class dining at the Marlin Bleu Restaurant and a trendy bar where sundowners can see you all the way through to late nights. But there’s more – and this is where Eden Bleu subverts everything you think an island getaway should be.

To put it simply, the hotel has given paradise an upgrade. A conference centre with capacity for 30 delegates boasts the latest in technology, including hi-definition LED screens for flawless presentations. An interactive digital concierge app allows you to book chartered boat trips and order room service, and puts all the information you need about the hotel and the island at your fingertips. Then there’s the fastest Wi-Fi on the island and a 42-inch Apple TV in each room so that guests are always online.

It’s a nod not only to our fast-paced modern lives but also to the fact that our passions and ambitions don’t have to be put on pause in paradise – rather than jarring with the fantasy, they can be integrated seamlessly. This can also be real life.

So what would you take with you to paradise? Eden Island can answer that question for you: nothing – it’s all there

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By Annie Brookstone, Private Edition, Issue 26


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