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Experience a floral safari at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Spectacular scenery and hectares of gnarly milkwoods and fynbos await at this luxury eco-reserve in the Overberg.
Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

It’s no secret that Grootbos’ breathtaking vistas, luxury accommodation and unique travel experiences have been luring bold adventurers, nature lovers and wanderlust-craving travellers back to its lair, long after their initial seduction.

Dedicated conservationists accompany guests daily on awe-inspiring excursions to explore the flora, fauna, bird and marine life of the area by foot, boat, horseback or in an open 4×4 vehicle. These guides rival the best at any top game reserve and will have you captivated by intricate life cycles of the tiniest insects or the pivotal role a single flower plays in the full ecosystem of the area.

The pink fynbos blossoms you’ll see across the nature reserve – Erica irregularis – are peculiar to the Cape Floral Kingdom and found nowhere else in the world; the unique floral region is one of only six in the world.

From June to December you can marvel at the southern right whales viewed from the rocky cliffs or untouched beaches by boat or light aeroplane. The conservation of endangered endemic flora and fauna and social responsibility programmes are at the heart of Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. All guests directly contribute to these causes and the upliftment of the local communities. It really is a leading example of sustainable ecotourism and five-star luxury.

To book and for more information visit Grootbos Private Nature Reserve’s website.

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