Finland’s architectural response to tranquillity

Above the gentle slope of Syväsen hill, on slender struts, the cubic cabins of the Arctic Treehouse Hotel are an ingenious solution to combining snug and luxurious comfort with Northern Lights viewing.

The hotel’s warm interiors (the temperature outside can drop below -30˚C) are clad with blonde timber and oiled oak parquet floors, and furnished with low-slung wire chairs swathed in fur and white linen.

The bedrooms are framed by large windows offering views of the forest, which, in summer, is festooned with lingonberry and cloudberry bushes. Keeping close to the Nordic playbook, the menu at Rakas restaurant includes fillet of wild reindeer with forest mushrooms, and sea buckthorn curd scented with juniper and pine – a perfect prelude, especially in winter, for a turn-down with the Northern Lights to lull you to sleep.

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