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Good-looking skin for any age

Men retain their skin’s firmness for longer but you still have to take good care of your collagen supply as it dwindles with age.

As it turns out, male skin is different from female skin. This doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from skincare products that are marketed towards women, but you do need to cater for the main differentiator and that’s oiliness. Thanks to testosterone, men typically produce more oil. For this reason, men are more prone to cystic acne in their younger years. On the bright side, testosterone also causes your skin to be thicker than a woman’s. You’ll also have more collagen and elastin which is great. These are the proteins that give your skin its “stretch”.

In short, men retain their skin’s firmness for longer but you still have to take good care of your collagen supply as it dwindles with age. However, with the right skincare regime at home and a few in-office treatments along the way, you keep your complexion looking clear, healthy and a lot younger than it has to.

Preserve and protect at home

Your natural collagen and elastin supply diminishes as the years march on, so it’s important to preserve what you’ve got and stimulate it to multiply. Ideally, you want to do this sooner rather than later because it takes collagen to make collagen, so the more you have, the more you can create.

One of the most proven collagen-encouraging ingredients is retinol and you’ll find it in many products at Skin Renewal’s Online Skin Shop. As retinol can initially cause redness and peeling if you use it too often in a strong concentration, it’s best to start out with a medium strength product, like SkinCeuticals Retinol 0,5%, and use it every third night until your skin builds up a tolerance. You can then use it every second night and gradually move up to a stronger concentration, like a 1% product.

Another way to protect your collagen stash is to invest in a high protection factor sunscreen and use it daily. Unprotected sun exposure is the fast train to premature ageing via damaged collagen, not to mention skin cancer. Sunscreen formulations have come a long way so, if you’ve got oily skin, you don’t have to worry about a face that looks greasy or feels sticky. Simply look out for a super lightweight, oil-free formula like Heliocare Advanced Gel SPF 50.

You can also keep your face free of excess oil using a face wash like NeoStrata Clarifying facial cleanser 4 PHA. It’s soap-free so it won’t dry out your skin (something that, ironically, encourages more oil production) and contains antibacterial triclosan to blitz acne-causing bacteria.

In-office solutions

Looking after your skin at home is always a good thing, but there’s only so much topical products can do. If you’re wanting to really turbo-boost your collagen supply, soften deep wrinkles, or treat a particular issue, like moderate to severe acne or pigmentation, then you’ll want to visit Skin Renewal.

After a quick facial analysis, they can suggest a treatment plan that’ll suit you best, whether it be to preserve, repair or treat. After years of experience, we’ve learned that to get the best results, it’s best to combine several treatments that enhance each other’s effects. Thus, you’ll find all our treatments have been bundled into solutions packages.

The last word

Ultimately, if you want to keep your skin looking good, using the right products at home is essential and this is something your skin therapist can help you with. As far as in-office treatments go, Skin Renewal offer a host of rejuvenating treatment solution that includes those focused on encouraging collagen and clearing acne.

This post was sponsored by Skin Renewal.

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