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How to remove gel nails at home (because right now, there is no other way!)

It seem likely that salons will only open again in Level 1 which is could be a way off still. Here’s how to remove gelish nail polish at home, until we’re able to go back to our salons.

Follow these simple steps to remove your gel nails.

You will need:

* Nail polish remover (one that contains acetone)
* Tin foil cut up into blocks (about 5cm x 5cm)
* A cuticle stick
* A nail file/buffer block
* Cuticle oil


1. Use your buffer block or nail file to gently file the surface of your gel – you will see small shavings come off, and your gel will have a matte appearance. By doing this you break the seal of the gel, allowing it to be removed.
2. Apply nail polish remover to a cotton pad and place it on top of your nail. Be sure to use pure acetone.
3. Carefully wrap one of the sheets of tin foil over your nail, with the shiny side facing up.
4. Once all your nails are wrapped in foil, relax for about 15 minutes while the acetone does its work.
5. Test to see if the gel is ready by gently removing the tin foil and cotton wool on one of your nails and by scraping the gel from your cuticle downwards.
6. If the gel lifts freely, you can proceed with the rest of your nails, if not, leave it on for another five minutes.
7. Once all your nails are clean, give them a bit of a file and a buff and finish off by applying cuticle oil on and around each nail.

* It’s important to note this process is quite delicate and you should be as gentle with your nails as possible. Use the proper tools and test it out on one nail first to decide if it works for you.

Photo by Nika Akin from Pexels

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