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Travel that takes you back in time

Planned well, travelling can be about so much more than just ticking places off your bucket list. Exploring some of the world’s oldest societies in the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and the Indian subcontinent, can be an enlightening experience.

Insight Vacations brings travellers up-close-and-personal with the people and places encountered on a journey to the ancient civilisations. Cup of tea, anyone?

Tea in the Sahara

No one is quite sure when the Moroccans began their tea ritual, and brewing and drinking tea is a much-loved tradition signifying hospitality and friendship. Moroccans serve tea throughout the day and mint tea is the national drink. If you visit a souk or someone’s home, it’s customary for them to prepare it in your honour.

You can’t say you’ve experienced this Saharan country without partaking in a Berber Tea Party.

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Moulding your history in Greece

Greece is often called the seat of civilisation and this ancient land has brought the world many cultural advances. Ancient Greek Gods aside, and take a closer look at the archaeology, history, art and the philosophy for an insight into just how much Greece has shaped our modern world. Another one of the ancient Greeks’ skills was shaping and firing clay, turning it into a vessel for storing food and liquid. Mycenaean pottery is one reason why we know so much about Greek civilisation as these pieces are decorated with pictures that tell stories of Greek life. Decorated with the styles of the day, they are intrinsic to our knowledge of early Greece.

With Insight Vacations you have the opportunity to visit family-run pottery and learn first-hand from the artisans and their traditional methods.

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Ancient caves in Turkey

The central region of Anatolia has been governed through the ages by the Hittites, the Persians, Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, and in this modern day and age, Turkey.

Most of these civilisations and empires have come and gone but the incredible cave houses of Cappadocia still stand. The Cappadocian landscape is spectacular. Designed by nature through a combination of volcanic activity and erosion, visitors to this area will delight in the fairy tale chimneys and rock formations. Cappadocia is one of the world’s largest cave-dwelling regions in the world.

To really appreciate the underground networks and cave hotels that are simply out of this world, join Insight Vacations on their Wonders of Turkey trip.

For more information visit Insight Vacations’ website or call Insight on 011 280 8435.

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