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La Residencia: A haven for artists and writers

High above the sea in the Village of Deiá on the Spanish island of Mallorca, you’ll find La Residencia, a well-known retreat for creatives.
la residencia

La Residencia, situated in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, has long been an inspiring retreat for artists and nature lovers. Rated the third-best hotel in Spain in 2021 by Travel + Leisure magazine, the hotel is a place of charm and character that supports the artists of Deiá and contributes to the history of Mallorca.

Whether you’re a head of state or a family of four, the unique five-star hotel welcomes you with genuine warmth and superb service. From the linen to the cutlery, each detail is a holistic and refreshing mix of art, luxury and homeliness.

The history of the hotel goes back to the 16th and 17th centuries when the two core houses of the property were built. During the 18th century, Deiá was owned by an order of Cistercian monks and part of their property was one of the manor houses that originally formed the hotel.

In 1984 it was transformed into a hotel by Axel Ball, in a way that was uniquely different from anything else Mallorca offered at that time. It became a forge of artistic talents, an oasis for
painters and sculptors from all over the world, and it still is.

Exceptional attention to every detail and architectural coherence with the village makes the whole property a work of art. In 1987 Richard Branson with Virgin took on the hotel, and it was later sold to Orient-Express Hotels (Belmond since 2001) and significantly expanded.

The property covers two hectares of residential development and 14 hectares of olive groves. Within their 800-painting collection (owned by Cecilie Sheridan), you’ll find 33 works by Joan Miró that hang in La Residencia’s Mediterranean Café Miró.

With its mountain perch location and stunning views of the island, there’s a delightful play of sunlight throughout the day. The sunset from El Olivo Restaurant’s terrace is further enhanced by the culinary skills of chef Guillermo who offers guests a real fine-dining experience

For those who value relaxation, the hotel’s award-winning spa offers a signature massage with olive oil produced by La Residencia. If you prefer, the massage can also take place on one
of the three terraces allowing you to soak up the Mallorcan scenery, leaving you with a sense of history and awe at this breathtaking place.

By Victoria Campbell-Gilles and Karolina Bartos

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