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Laid-back luxe at Zuri Zanzibar

As the first Design Hotels member on the Tanzanian archipelago, Zuri Zanzibar is the ultimate spot to take in the natural beauty of the island.

Zuri Zanzibar, hotel owner, Vaclav Dejcmar, said of Zuri (which means “beautiful” in Swahili), “Today, when more and more things tend to feel and taste the same, it is not an overstatement to say that Zanzibar is different. Located just on the Equator, the colours are more intense, more saturated, more vibrant. And, for some reason, the time runs differently as well! In this environment, it is so easy to forget our daily routines, to rouse our dormant imagination, and to perceive life from a new angle. Stop “doing” and start “being”. Because, ultimately, – we are human beings, not human doings! And it all began in Africa.”

Designed by Jestico+Whiles, the Zuri Zanzibar lifestyle accommodation has been created with sustainability in mind, and sits comfortably with Zanzibar culture, climate and geography. Materials have been locally sourced, as has the art. The ecological and social responsibility goes far beyond the actual resort and reflects in various projects that Zuri Zanzibar has launched to support the local community since 2015.

Laid-back luxe at Zuri Zanzibar 1

Organic products from the socially conscious Seaweed Center and palm-shaded spice gardens, a pool bar and grill, a jacuzzi, massage cabanas, a library, and a cocktail bar on the beach make for a sumptuous retreat.

Cooking lessons are offered in the Spice Garden, as well as private yoga and meditation classes. Indoor and outdoor wild fitness gym areas provide physical rejuvenation, and the hotel’s MAUA Wellness Centre has three massage rooms and a salon.

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