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Non-invasive jawline contouring is here

The experts at Skin Renewal can give you a softer jawline.

Jawlines come in all shapes and sizes, and are responsible for giving the face its shape – square, heart, long or round. Square jawlines are usually desirable among men, and as such, some women feel that their square jawline is a bit too masculine. While we celebrate jawlines of all shapes, we recognise that this is a concern for many women, and as such, have discovered a non-invasive treatment that contours and slims down a square jawline to create a softer appearance.

Jawline slimming using botulinum toxin, an injectable muscle-relaxant, has been successfully used for years. It slims down square-shaped faces, resulting in a softer, more oval-shaped jawline without having to go under the knife.

For some women their bone structure will determine the shape of their jaw, but in many cases a square or pronounced-looking jawline is actually a result of large masseter muscles (these are the muscles positioned on either side of the jaw). Masseter muscles may be enlarged due to genetics, clenching of the jaw or even bubble-gum chewing. So how does botulinum toxin work to subdue pronounced masseter muscles?

The procedure is very simple and has zero downtime, so you could pop out during your lunch break and no one would even know! An aesthetic doctor injects a little bit of botulinum toxin directly into the masseter muscles in one quick movement. You won’t see much of a difference straight away as botulinum toxin takes about one to two weeks to get to work. Once it kicks in and starts to relax your muscles, your jawline will start appearing slimmer. After six weeks you should see the full results. These results are not permanent, and will start to wear off after around three months. That’s when you can return to your doctor for a touch-up.

Why does it work? When muscles work out, they are more noticeable. If the masseter muscles are permanently relaxed, they’ll shrink, becoming far less noticeable.

But what about chewing? This procedure will have no effect on your ability to chew or talk. The smaller muscles in the face will take over from the larger ones, allowing you to go about your day as usual.

In addition to slimming down the jawline for a more oval-shaped face, there is another major benefit from getting botulinum toxin injected into the masseter muscles. Those suffering from tension headaches due to jaw-clenching will notice that their headaches are reduced, and if you grind your teeth, this will offer major relief and spare your teeth from damage.

To find out if you’re a candidate for jawline slimming, have a chat with one of Skin Renewal’s aesthetic doctors. They will examine your face to determine whether the procedure will benefit you.

This post was sponsored by Skin Renewal. Photo by William Randles on Unsplash


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