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One of Mauritius’ eco-hotels is a salt haven

Salt of Palmar brings a sustainable sense of commitment to people and the environment. Debbie Hathway shares her experience at The Lux Collective’s newest resort.
Salt of Palmar

Of all the accommodation in Mauritius, why would I recommend the boutique eco-hotel Salt of Palmar? Let me count the ways… Located on my favourite stretch of beach on the east coast, it’s all in the experience and here it’s about going local – taking the time to learn about the people and places that creep into your heart and never leave, and discovering what sustainable living really means. The owners, the Lux Collective, have handpicked staff who deliver on the group’s reputation for sterling everything. As much as they encourage you to explore, you have to stay in long enough for a spa treatment with – you guessed it, salt. Your skin will thank you.

For more information visit SALT Resorts’ website.


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