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Peter Layton – master glass-blower

London Glassblowing’s Peter Layton creates impressionism in 3-D

Layton pulls it like taffy in its molten form and ‘dabs’ in colour until, days later, when the glass has set, a 3-D universe of a composition finally reveals itself. Precious metals used in the making affect the way colours fuse, creating a raw range of new colours that account for ‘God’s hand’ in the design. Think fluid jewellery; an undersea reef with flashes of tropical coral, suspended for a moment and then captured; a galaxy of swirls and pinpricks of light; aerial photography; and the iridescent colours of an oil slick on the Thames. Inspired by sea, desert, flowers and myriad life impressions, Peter is a master of his art and takes a more natural, painterly approach to his work.

He is also generous, and mentors keen glass-blowers, including a young South African. Today, they flex their creative muscles – quite literally in this physically demanding art – while the artist limits his ranges after a career of nearly four decades. London Glassblowing was the final design revelation on the BMW Eurostyle Tour, and brought together the underlying theme of the 2013 trip: cutting-edge talent, skill and ideas on the edge of genius, but, above all, the power of the collaborative.

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By Les Aupiais, Private Edition, Issue 21


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