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Skincare tips for travellers

Is there anything better than going on holiday at the end of a long year? Let’s hope we all can this year! And in the meantime, bookmark this guide to avoiding post-travel skincare concerns.

If you’re planning a trip at the end of year – because no one’s going anywhere right now – the promise of sandy beaches or a winter wonderland might seem like the only thing getting you through this time. But have you ever returned from a trip with extremely unhappy skin? It’s not uncommon to find your skin battling breakouts, dehydration or pigmentation after you’ve been on holiday, and that’s because travel itself, along with the typical travel lifestyle, takes its toll.

The most common post-travel skincare concerns can (mostly) be avoided. Here’s how:

The problem: Intensified (or new) pigmentation
A fresh set of sun spots or the reoccurrence of pigmentation you thought had vanished, has less to do with travelling and more to do with your skincare routine during your travels. Most common after beach holidays, pigmentation usually forms when you spend a lot of time in the sun, as the sun triggers melanin production.

The solution: SPF, SPF, SPF! This is the number one rule regardless of where you go. Apply a broad spectrum SPF every day, and reapply throughout the day to ensure your skin is protected. Try Lamelle Helase Photo Repair cream SPF 50 . Unfortunately, pigmentation sometimes forms even if you’ve taken these measures. A good quality vitamin C serum in the morning will help prevent marks from becoming darker or resurfacing (try Lamelle Correctives Vita-C Lipid Serum), but if the problem persists, visit your nearest Skin Renewal branch to find out how options like laser could fade pigmentation.

The problem: Breakouts and blackheads
Travel-induced acne is a real thing, and the causes are endless. From the dry air on the plane to an unhealthy diet and too much alcohol, to being lazy with your skincare routine, so many factors can contribute to this problem.

The solution: Indulging in delicious foods is a big part of going on holiday, but too much oil or sugar can wreak havoc in the gut, which manifests on the skin. Where possible, choose healthier options (think brown seeded breads instead of white, water instead of sodas) and drink plenty of water, especially if you’re consuming alcoholic drinks.

Be sure to remove your makeup every night before bed (no matter how tired you are) and continue with your regular skincare regime as much as possible. Exfoliate twice a week while on holiday and if possible, continue with your weekly face mask.

Drink plenty of water while on the plane to assist your skin in staying hydrated (dehydration can send the skin into oil-producing overdrive, resulting in breakouts). It’s also worthwhile investing in a hydrating serum which you can apply throughout your journey to maintain your skin’s moisture levels (try Lamelle Corrective HA Plus Serum). Carry oil blotting paper in your handbag and use whenever necessary on the plan to soak up excess oil on the skin.

The problem: Dehydration
Aeroplanes have low humidity, resulting in dry air inside the cabin. To compensate for this and avoid dehydration, our skins naturally produce oil to rehydrate itself. This can lead to breakouts (as discussed above), but for those of us who have natural dry skin, the dry air can aggravate dryness post-travel.

The solution: Avoid alcohol and salty foods on the plane as these have a dehydrating effect on the skin. Apply hydrating serums throughout the journey as well as after, and if you feel like your skin needs a moisture boost, you may want to lie back with a moisturising sheet mask (try Lamelle Serra Lipid Recovery Mask). Upon returning home from your journey, a hydrating facial or peel from Skin Renewal is recommended to restore your moisture levels.

The problem: Puffy eyes
Puffiness is usually associated with water retention, but can also occur due to a lack of sleep and sleeping with makeup on (which causes the eyes to get irritated).

The solution: Remove your makeup with a makeup wipe when you board the plane. That way you can’t risk falling asleep with your makeup on during a long flight. Apply a hydrating eye cream, or better yet, an eye mask. Massage your eye care product into the skin to get the circulation going.

This post was sponsored by Skin Renewal. Photo by nappy from Pexels


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