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Summer of (skin) love

The experts at Skin Renewal treat skin with the seasons in mind. Take heed of this advice from the good doctors.
In autumn and winter

When the cooler weather approaches, and the urge to hibernate sets in, consider turning those extra hours of Netflix into a beauty advantage. The absence of powerful sunrays and inflammatory heat during the coldest months makes it the ideal time to book more aggressive treatments that would require a heavy-duty beach umbrella (and sometimes a full-body caftan) in the summer.

Treatment recommendations
• Deeper peels such as the 3D Peel, TCA Peels, Blue Peels, Cosmelan and Dermamelan
• Laser resurfacing – Pearl, CO2 Laser, Fraxel DUAL
• Deep skin needling treatments
• Injection mesotherapy
• Limelight or photogenesis for pigmentation and sun damage

In spring

The season which comes with a few unique challenges, say the Skin Renewal doctors. They become a little more conservative with treatments and look for the middle ground in treatment recommendations. They tend to find that many patients’ skin becomes more light-sensitive and reactive because of anti-histamines, sinus medications and respiratory meds that clients suffering from sinus and hay fever might be taking.

Treatment recommendations
• Mild to medium depth peels
• Ongoing maintenance facials
• Milder Limelight and Photogenesis Sessions
• Superficial to medium depth needling treatments

In summer

In summer, the recommendation is for treatments that condition, hydrate and prepare the skin for the more aggressive treatments that can be done in winter. Doing more aggressive treatments during summer can, in fact, exacerbate pigmentation and sun damage.

Treatment recommendations
Maintenance and hydrating treatments:
• Hydrating facials that include a mild exfoliation (microdermabrasion or superficial chemical peels) every 4-6 weeks. A perfect example is our signature Mesoglow Facial.

Treatments that condition, strengthen & protect the skin:
• PDT with active serums, transdermal mesotherapy with active serums and Laser Genesis to strengthen the dermis.

Superficial skin needling to strengthen the dermis:
• Superficial needling increases product penetration and skin cell turnover in preparation for deeper treatments later on in the year.

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