The art in scarves

Urban impressions and inspirations animate the exquisite scarves and stoles collection for Bulgari’s Spring Summer 2018.

Designed by the daring spirit of Bulgari and handcrafted by the most expert artisans, each creation of the collection is a silky piece of urban celebration.

From the heart and arrows motif of the Maxi Pop-Heart stole, to a bold patchwork of Bulgari’s symbols imprinted around the iconic “B” of the logo in the distinctive Bvlgari Tattoo  scarf, each textile of the season charms with street art expressions as luxury designs.

Coiled around the wrist or the neck, tied to one’s favourite bag or creatively worn as a glamorous headband or turban, this year’s Bulgari scarves and stoles are the versatile accessory to strike with an individual look on every occasion.

The art in scarves 1