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The perfect staycation location

If a certain virus has you thinking twice about international travel, here’s a local gem that's an antidote to the stress of city living.
Arambrook Boutique Hotel

Discreetly tucked away beneath the southern suburban end of Table Mountain lies Arambrook Boutique Hotel, the answer to your weary soul. With only eight luxury suites, it’s the antithesis of the city’s buzz, where peace, quiet and privacy are guaranteed.

Arambrook Boutique Hotel

Individually decorated by interior designer Sara Bind, each suite seamlessly blends the homey character of the hotel with unique modern pieces, adorned with curated art by celebrated South African artist Sasha Hartlief.

Arambrook Boutique Hotel

Sustainability is high on the agenda of Arambrook, which is why careful consideration was taken to ensure that the ethos carries through not just in the way waste and water and consumed and disposed of, but also in the production of a bountiful harvest of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers grown right on the property. Visit or email to find out more.


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