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Wild Olive’s Artisanal Perfume Story

When searching for your signature scent, one with which to have a lifelong affair, the secret is quite simply to make the natural choice.

Wild Olive perfume is one such choice. When Wild Olive African Artisans tasked their in-house perfumer Marioara de la Tara to create a line of five natural perfumes, their brief was to interpret the floral kingdom of the Cape and whatever botanical associations she imagined. Her ad libitum creations were the fruits of autodidact experimentation without the constraints of classical structure of composition, time or budget. Wild Olive was after a masterpiece.

And what is it that goes into such a perfectly constructed fragrance? The perfumes De la Tara crafted contain hand-blended quality concretes, absolutes, essential oils or tinctures matured in organic sugarcane alcohol. Each little black bottle – 31ml of parfum extract – appreciates with the passing of time, like a good wine or whiskey.

What Wild Olive stresses is that when choosing a natural perfume, remember that its structure is not the same as synthetic counterparts. Indeed, the key to the real wizardry in Wild Olive’s exquisite scent line is the wearer. Each molecule participating in these perfumes reacts differently to each wearer, depending on their skin and lifestyle choices. Like the best relationships, it’s about getting close: only trying the perfume directly on your skin can give you a clear indication of how it smells on you.

Choosing a natural perfume is a personal experience that takes time but pays off in bliss. The perfume may even differ slightly every time you wear it – or, rather, your perception of it will be influenced by the world around you. Due to this characteristic of borrowing from the personality of the wearer, natural perfumes can be truly unique to the wearer.

For more information, visit Wild Olive African Artisan Apothecary and Artistic Perfumery House website at


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