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“I only love wild roses”: 3 new Cartier fragrances that defy floral cliches

Mathilde Laurent, Cartier’s perfumer, hates the archetype of the rose — “an emblem of femininity withered before it blooms”. Given this aversion, it may seem curious that the maison has released brand new collection called “I only love wild roses”.

“I only love wild roses”: 3 new Cartier fragrances that defy floral cliches 1

But these is absolutely nothing traditionally romantic about the three new fragrances, in which Laurent severs the rose from its stereotypical associations. Cartier roses are neither meek nor submissive; they show their thorns and defy expectations.

Cartier Pure Rose: a naked rose

For Les Épures de Parfum Collection, Pure Rose is a fully naked rose. There’s nothing frilly about this raw and fearless fragrance, which offers the simple pleasure of a hyper-realistic rose bursting with life.

Cartier Pure Rose

Cartier L’Heure Osée: a punk rose

For Les Heures de Parfum Collection, L’heure Osée is a punk rose, rejecting girly cliches in favour of an unprecedented and daring fragrance, which captures the moment a wild rose explodes into bloom.

Cartier Lheure Osee

Cartier Oud & Pink: a rose in a tuxedo

Cartier Oud & Pink is a shocking and androgynous rose in a tuxedo. It plays with gender, mixing the floral with the masculine, the rough with the smooth – perfect for women who flirt with contradiction and find themselves drawn to fragrances for men.

Cartier Oud and Pink

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