Cartier at home

The new homeware collection by Cartier cultivates a discerning art de vivre, presenting candles and candle holders, boxes, photo frames, trays and bowls which are precious and refined, stylish yet functional.

These objects exude the signature Cartier style in sublime detail showcasing precious materials and utilising craftsmanship that draws on a broad tradition of techniques.

True to the graphic inspiration characteristic to Cartier, the collection is defined by geometric motifs and the monogram. These motifs, in engraved metal or openwork detail, pay tribute to the art deco tradition in a fresh interpretation of the repertoire.

Cartier at home 1

The objects are reflections of Cartier excellence, their craftsmanship evident in the finely wrought sophistication of the engraved metal and openwork detail.

Further ornamentation is supplied by the dainty application of enamel on bisque porcelain, and the cabochon cut of decorative red jasper, onyx and lepidolite.

As well as honouring an art de vivre, this collection by Cartier pays homage to the art of giving in its selection of beloved objects, sentimental tokens and precious gifts. A candle holder lights up the moment whilst a photo frame holds and displays cherished memories. With each piece in the collection Cartier speaks to the heart of the recipient, weaving intimate ties between the jeweller and the object, the object and its true home.