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Duca del Cosma: the story behind the Italian footwear brand

Once upon a time there were golf shoes. Along came a dynamic Italian design duo, who transformed the functional footwear into Duca del Cosma, a luxury sneaker brand that marries function and style.

Duca del Cosma: the story behind the Italian footwear brand 1

Trust an Italian to turn a sports shoe into a style statement. Or, in the case of footwear brand Duca del Cosma, trust an Italian and a German – husband and wife design duo Baldovino Mattiazzo and Antje Elle.

Italian-born Mattiazzo is a designer from Venice who graduated from the Sarteco fashion School in Florence in the top of his class. Elle was born in Germany and graduated from the renowned Munich School for Fashion Graphic Design. Both passionate golf players, the couple believed that the golf world needed a breath of fresh air: a sophisticated and fashionable touch.

An ideal brand name immediately came to mind: ‘Duca del Cosma’ – Italian for Duke of Cosma. Cosma is a traditional Venetian name and has been in use in Mattiazzo’s family for many generations.

And so Duca del Cosma, a new footwear brand, was born in 2004.

Duca del Cosma stands for unique style, luxury and the Italian way of life. Like few other golf shoe brands, Duca del Cosma combines exquisite design and function at its best. Both on and off the golf course, the high-quality shoes with their lightweight, innovative and functional nubbed soles are a must-have for discerning golfers.

The precise mix of colours, materials and golf influences set the shoes apart. It’s the brand’s attention to detail that brings a characteristic touch to the Duca del Cosma golf shoe collection.

While golf will always be an important influence for the brand, sneakers provide dynamic flair to any outfit – on or off the course – across genders and generations.

To learn more about the premium golf label and its new lifestyle collection, visit

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