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Groomed for the good life

Scrubbing up well should be a daily ritual for the modern gentleman, but it's only made possible with the right advice.
Renewal Institute: Groomed for the good life

With the technology and research going into medical skincare products these days, mercifully men can get away with using minimal products, says Doctor Lestonn Lawn from the Renewal Institute. Private Edition asked him a few key questions…

What day and night skincare regimen do you recommend for men who like to keep things minimalist?

A morning routine can include a good pH-balanced cleanser, preferably something with mild exfoliants in it (like alpha hydroxy acids), followed by a day cream that contains antioxidants as well as have an SPF factor of 50. The Heliocare 360 range of sunscreens are much more than just a normal sunscreen – they contain a high concentration of antioxidants that protect the skin from UVA, UVB, and infra-red light, as well as visible light. This range is a good option for day time use.

At night, using a pH-balanced cleanser is very important too, to remove all dirt and excess oils. A serum can be used – hyaluronic acid serums – are excellent as they help with dehydration and ageing. Try Lamelle HA Plus serum. For additional moisture at night, light night cream can be used that contain ingredients such as growth factors or even peptides.

Is there such a thing as over-washing one’s face?

Yes, definitely. This can have a different effect depending on what you wash it with. If you wash your face with normal water more than two to three times a day, then you run the risk of disrupting the pH of your skin, as tap water tends to be more alkaline. Washing your face with a normal bar of soap or shower gel can be more catastrophic. Normal soap strips the phospholipid barriers of the skin. This barrier functions not only acts as a protective layer to keep bacteria and pathogens out, but it also helps to keep water and moisture inside of the skin. Over-washing the face can then lead to severely dehydrated skin, as well as acne and breakouts.

Taking into account facial hair, what exfoliating and moisturising products and treatments would you recommend?

When it comes to men with facial hair we found that chemical exfoliations work best. For home care, this can include a daily cleanser that contains fruit acids (AHA’s) or salicylic acid (BHA’S). And, when it comes to moisture, hyaluronic acid is an amazing ingredient that has the ability to increase the water content of your skin as it attracts and hold on to water – this results in a plumper, more hydrated skin. Serums such as Lamelle Corrective HA Plus serum is a good option and can be used daily under your day or night cream.

Can men use the same procedures and treatments for wrinkles as a woman?

Yes, when it comes to Collagen Induction Therapy, we treat men and women the same. Only when it comes to muscle relaxing injections, men tend to need a little bit more as men’s muscle mass is more than women.

Dr Lestonn Lawn consults from the Brooklyn, Irene, Morningside and Fourways Renewal Institute branches in Gauteng. Find out more about him and Renewal Institute here.


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