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La Prairie Skin Caviar

Caviar extract, rare and beneficial, defines the Skin Caviar Collection and enjoys the status of unparalleled lift and firmness to the skin.

Rare Caviar Extracts in the Skin Caviar Collection transform your skin and profoundly improve the appearance of firmness, elasticity and tone. Rich in amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals, caviar extracts are a source of natural compounds required for the structure and vitality of younger-looking skin and makes it the ideal signature ingredient for this collection.

A firm satin-look supports the natural contours of your face as your skin takes on new firmness, new tone and new suppleness.


Formerly, caviar extract was sourced from wild sturgeon, long believed to offer the highest quality available.  In respect to the endangerment of the wild sturgeon population, La Prairie has researched and discovered an outstanding source of caviar extract offering equivalent high quality, in the Baerii sturgeon, which is grown on Aqua-farms.


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