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The Lady Emblem Elixir woman

Perfumery is a question of nuances, variations and subtlety.

First we met with Lady Emblem a free and piercing woman, magnificent. For many it was love at first sight. Today we introduce her in a new light.

Her gaze is naturally the same: direct, intense, almost overwhelming. And her only jewellery is still her pink gold and diamond earrings.

Her dress is simple and chic, her hair swept up with a little rebellious twist. You can picture her preparing for a decisive encounter, or stepping up to a rostrum, expressing herself with calm and passion in equal measure.

So what has changed? Time, for sure. And perhaps her mood…

Her determination inspires respect and allegiance…

The Lady Emblem Elixir woman 1


The juice

It’s her fragrance that best tells her story. The aroma reveals the essentials in a breath of floral notes, underlined with wood.

At the forefront: Damask rose, gathered from the high plateaus of Turkey. Following a green beginning reminiscent of buds at daybreak, it diffuses a wave of honey and spices. Already present in the first creation, here it is at the heart of everything, quivering and majestic, in a small dose and in its “absolute” version, embraced by the taste for the exceptional.

It is joined by the iris accord, whose elegance and persistence are unmistakable, and which itself melts into a half-powdery, half-lychee accord. A few corollas of orange blossom add sensual bitterness.

Finally, its fragrance trail of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli ensures enduring pleasure without ever invading others’ territory. Black peppercorn, strong, intense and intriguing, gives the composition a twist.

Lady Emblem Elixir works its magic on the skin.

The Lady Emblem Elixir woman 2

The bottle

Even the most irresistible of scents is nothing without a worthy container. A jewel of a bottle is revealed. Adopting the 43-faceted cut of the Montblanc diamond inspired by the emblematic six-valley design, it is dressed in pink gold and metallic reflections, turning into a precious flower also ringed with many miraculous petals. The box, itself adorned with pink gold, becomes a most extraordinary showcase.

The campaign

The photo, taken by Carlotta Manaigo, has a timeless signature, like every other campaign for the famous Maison: the black-and-white portrait of a fearless woman (Lesly Masson). Like a high jewellery brooch, the pink gold bottle accompanies her and reveals her essence. A secret revealed.


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