A Montblanc Legend is Reborn

It’s been five years since Montblanc’s Legend was originally released and, heralding a transformation for the iconic scent, we explore the fragrance in its newest incarnation, Montblanc Legend Spirit

Since its inception in 2011, Montblanc’s Legend has cemented its place as a men’s fragrance synonymous with timeless style and unmistakable classic elegance. This year sees the release of Montblanc Legend Spirit, a new eau de toilette that while honouring the original character of the scent, reveals a more casual and unguarded aspect. The interplay of versatile appeal and elegant elements make the Montblanc Legend Spirit man one that according to the German luxury goods brand is as at home ‘enjoying a cocktail on a trendy New York rooftop’ as he is ‘barefoot on a Brazilian beach’. The keywords are cool sophistication, and it makes for a new fragrance that is irresistably intriguing.