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The expression of rarity

Shimansky jewellers presents Tanzanite - Earth’s most exclusive secret

In the realm of rare treasures, there exists a gem that nature bestows upon only one corner of the globe. Tanzanite is found exclusively in a small mining area approximately 7km long and 2km wide near Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania. It’s scarcity makes this a beautiful and elusive gemstone and one that Shimansky takes pride in offering. In the heart of Cape Town, Shimansky’s exquisite collection celebrates the unrivalled elegance of this gem that graces such a solitary source on Earth.
Tanzanite, a symphony of violet or blue hues reminiscent of Africa’s majestic landscapes, finds its embodiment in every masterpiece at Shimansky. As pioneers in the world of Tanzanite, Shimansky’s artisans meticulously craft each piece, ensuring its rarity is matched only by its sophistication. With a singular source known to humanity, this gem speaks to the essence of adventure and refinement.


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